Trying to enjoy life more

The truth is that, after the weekly 9-5 grind, we all pursue the week-end as a relaxing 2 days. When I think about this, it’s idiotic because it’s because of my behaviour in the week. I always try to be everywhere: facebook, e-mail, work, friends, family, reading stuff etc… I rarely sleep when I should sleep. This monkey has a lot of distractions in his life and aims to change all that.

I often start something, just to finish it up later, because of all these distractions. All these things are energy-drainers, so because if there are positive things, I feel I don’t enjoy them enough…

I’m on a quest to slow down, enjoy the moment more, erase the negativity in my life. If I can do that, I’m sure I can enjoy the good moments more in my life so I don’t have to feel guilty about it. Life goes by fast you know!

I’ll apply a few changes in my daily routine:

Deleting social media on my phone

I’ll remove Facebook, Linkedin, Snapchat, Pinterest and videogames off my smartphone. I constantly checked all these apps, only to realise that it’s a waste of time! This is wasting opportunities to enjoy more the moment. So away with it!

Checking email during fixed periods during the day.

I’m addicted to constantly checking my email during daytime and even when I’m lying in my bed. It’s actually funny I do this because in my dayjob, I’ve applied these principles easily. Stupid monkey I am!

I’ve set out all notifications, check mails after lunch, dinner or so or just in the evening when relaxing.

Writing more blog posts while I’m at it!

This might be a fun thing to do because I wanna blog more but I want it all to be really perfect and all that. It’s for me a way of living and releasing my thoughts to you folks! Sometimes it feels like a struggle to write while it really shouldn’t be like that. It’s actually fun to do so!

Trying to be more positive, instead of negative

This might be a difficult thing to do. In our culture, we are raised to do better then our parents, to score good grades, outperform them etc… When you do 10 things, 9 of them good and 1 of them bad, you’ll always be remembered for the bad one. That’s how our society works. From now on I’ll try to resist this habit and be more positive! Remember T. Bagwell from the Prison Break series: “the captivity of negativity”!

Are you distracted as much? What do you do to enjoy life more?

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