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The Yolofied Monkey is a Belgian, in his thirties, who writes about personal finance, lifestyle and finding extra sources of income to pursue his goals and live happy life. He established this blog to write down his ideas to leave it here. The blog existed since 2018 but I revived everything in 2023.

Yolo stands for You Only Live Once! When he grows older, he feels that working from 9 to 5 is not “it”. He struggles to adapt to this way of life and will try to talk about the process on this blog.

The Yolofied Monkey works as an employee in the finance business and has multiple degrees in this domain. He hasn’t accumulated debt during this period besides his mortgage.

Here, in Belgium we pay a lot of taxes and have a good social securitysystem. He wants to make more money to buy (more) real estate and diversify his income. At the moment, this monkey isn’t fully satisfied with things in life and will include some psychology things on this blog to find and improve himself.  

What does The Yolofied Monkey stand for?

The Yolofied Monkey wants to find fellow monkeys who will aid him on his pursuit of YOLO and happiness. Yolofied is a word that is not used often or even existed and describes on this website that life is beautiful and one must do the things he wants to do. Not all things can be done because they cost money and time. We must seek ways to improve the quality in different areas of our life: be happy, live conciously, be free (not only financial), love each other.

He thinks that time is very valuable and that working 9 to five keeps him in his “golden” cage. When he looks at his family, friends, colleagues, he sees that a lot of these people don’t think much about their lifestyles and do what they are told to do. They work until they can receive their pension at an age of about 67 years (Belgium), from that age they can enjoy life and leave their golden cage. That’s not wat this monkey wants. He wants to enjoy the ride.

He thinks that a lot of these people live actually expensive lives when they think they’re living normal lives. They seem happy but reality might be different.

This monkey wants to find extra ways of income so he’s able to leave his cage, whether it’s permanently or periodically, so he can do what he pleases.

Who whants to leave his golden cage and see this monkey’s struggle? Feel free to connect.

One life, LIVE it! Yolo!

Some Things About Myself

I like being with people around me but I’m also very introverted, meaning: when I don’t need to say something, I just don’t say it. I do like social interaction as it’s one of the basic needs for me.

I like structure and a plan in life. Since 2020 I’ve had some major setbacks as I try to recover and move on. I’m just happy to be alive and to live in the Western world.

I like writing on this blog and start out building other small websites. I like the laptop-lifestyle. Just go out there with the laptop, find yourself a nice spot and just write.

I want to improve my finances and try to be mortgagefree as soon as possible.

Why Finance

Let’s face it, life is a numbers game. If you don’t have any money, there’s a lot you can’t do in life and your socially excluded.

I’m born in a loving and caring family. I still live close to them today. My parents are savers and always put their children on the first place. We could do anything we wanted, study, study even more, pursue various hobbies and go out and such. They’ve always said, son, save a huge amount of your wage/ salary in order to make a cushion for yourself.

I like to think about my future self, my future needs and about money in general. There’s so much you can do in life today. Investing and finding multiple income streams is what I like. It’s my opinion that you need this when pursuing your life to the fullest. Without money, you will be happy if you have a cushion, an emergency fund or something bigger.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life when it comes to money but we try to adapt. A few learned lessons:

  • You can’t get rich quick
    You have to work for your money and let that money work for you. You need to see each € or $ or another currency as one separate employee that will work for you.
  • You can’t buy happiness
    Happiness is so important and can’t be bought because it needs to be pure and most of all: intended.

I like the song: If I were a rich man, because it’s funny and makes me dream about it and that’s what you need in life, to set goals. I am not rich, by all means no, but I’m happy and that’s what matters. We all can improve on various areas in life and that’s what we’ll do and blog about it.

I always try to learn new things and try them out. By doing this, I can improve my knowledge and implement some changes in my life and try live a better version of myself.

Why Blogging About Improving (Financial) Freedom?

Everyday, debts are increasing and people are losing money and can’t pay their debts anymore or are mentally drained by this. I see this everyday.

My parents always said that I needed to get a degree so I can get a good job and make it in my life. At the moment I have 3 degrees and a good job. The money is good, around the Belgian average and I can save a lot. I still have a “need” to get degrees in order to show that I’m capable of.

I try to tackle new challenges, like building websites (not only this one) on the side. It’s a lot to take in but that’s who I am, always in for a challenge.

About The Blog “The Yolofied Monkey”

The blog is here to keep track of our progress and aim to improve our financial situation. We need to get quickly out of debt and get out of the rat-race (living paycheck to paycheck).

We will cover topics like saving money, making money, improving wealth, budgetting, blogging and various psychology topics to improve as a human being and the quality of your life!

Tag along with me and give feedback about your journey as well. Yolo!