Finding a good balance between saving and living

Last week I’ve had a conversation with one of my friends in the cycling team (friends, not professional) about saving money each month and I was shocked.

He’s a father to a son and lives with his girlfriend in her house so he doesn’t has to pay mortgage on the house. He wears clothing of (expensive popular) brands and has a jeep-like car (Volkswagen) on a loan. He stated that he saves about 400 euro’s mostly in a month. Knowing that the median wage in Belgium is around 2.100 net (see about page), it’s possible his wage is a bit lower but even if so…

When I’ve heard him talking about it, I was silent for a few seconds, he asked why. I’ve responded that what would happen if he would buy a house and pay off a mortgage? He answered he wouldn’t do some things anymore and he states he doesn’t want to live as some sort of monk and just do as he wants to do.

I must say I feel like a stranger after that conversation. My situation is a lot different from his, but I know that I wouldn’t be happy with saving that amount each month. I’m a guy who loves being a bit different…

I don’t have to spend a lot of money to know that I’m alive. The best things in life are free, having a girlfriend of boyfriend, family, doing things together, even going to work and knowing you have a safe “cushion” is key to that happiness for me and yolofying your life.

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