Hello everyone. The weather is nice and gives lot of opportunities to hang out with family or friends. However I sometimes find myself with the problem of expensive experiences with them. For instance, I love cycling, for me it is a way to focus, to gain control, especially when climbing mountains. The majority of my peers have bought a new bike, just to look better and try to stand out, they try to encourage me to buy a new bike. I don’t think I need a new bike to begin with, because I don’t ride that much actually. I always say that I don’t need more racing bikes as I can only ride one at the same time right?
Sometimes I think: is there something wrong with you? It’s evident that I know there is nothing wrong, it’s just I don’t feel the desire to do as they do. I think a lot people have problems with this. There was a time when you could tell at the material possessions how rich or poor someone was. A lot of young people seem to buy stuff while they actually cannot afford it but don’t want to refuse because they would fear missing out on a lifetime opportunity with friends (FOMO).

Doing all what you want, just because you only live once (YOLO), is not smart. This can cost you a lot of money. Today on social media, we stay in touch with our friends and want to have what they have in order to feel part of something. On this blog, we use YOLO on certain areas in life increase the quality.
The Yolofied Monkey thinks that a lot of things are actually free and don’t have to cost a lot of money. He tries to apply the following principles:

1. have a budget: define a limit for social spending and stick to it. I mostly have just 20 euro’s in my pocket, I don’t use creditcards for these things, only to buy stuff online.
2. keep the big picture in mind: don’t think of having a budget as restrictive, it’s just a roadmap to get there, you can always make compromises. You can get there sooner, smoother, just think of the feeling when you’ll get there.
3. Think about your friends as: do they really give me pleasure? In one life, don’t you lose a lot of friends already? Is it worth to be part of a gang, getting in debt just to be with them? You can solve this, just by talking to your friends or becoming a leader: suggesting more frugal alternatives: picknicking, BBQ at home…

YOLO and FOMO can be seen as major threaths to someone’s happiness and finances. To me it’s clear, being with family, friends, having a great time doesn’t have to cost much.

Have you experienced FOMO or YOLO with your friends that was out of your comfort zone or too expensive? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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