How To Start A Blog And Make Money

Hi everyone. Here you can see our free guide to blogging. You can learn here how to start the blogging life and add at least 1 income stream to your disposal in order to reduce your financial stress.

Are You Considering To Start Your Own Blog?

Starting to blog can be overwhelming while it really shouldn’t be. Blogging for me is something develop myself further as a person in life. Besides your personal development, blogging can:

  • be an extra stream of income
  • be the start of a growing business
  • you can meet other people while doing so, expand your network
  • develop and express yourself
  • be more financially independent, relying on multiple sources of income
  • many more…

How Did The Yolofied Monkey Start?

Im the Yolofied Monkey, in the daily life working in the finance, strategical niche and blog in my spare time to grow myself further.

The idea existed somewhere in 2018, in between jobs, and now more giving thought and deeds to this idea since 2023.

I followed a lot of bloggers in the early days, just be more and more astonished by the income potential of blogging in general so I decided I could write my own story, but I would also like to achieve a certain following or movement.

One of those bloggers was able to make more than 6 figures (that is $100,000) per month, in 1 word: mindblowing.

I’ve made a decision that I would like to grow this blog actively as it is not the way I would like to live my life: working until the age of 67 years old, more about it here. I would like to yolofy my life and be more thoughtful with my time.

Blogging has less risks than starting another bricks and mortar business as it doesn’t cost that much and is easier to scale up. Blogging can open up some opportunities for you as well, both as person, freelancer, entrepreneur.

Do you find yourself in this story?

  • Tackle your debts and eventually live free of debts?
  • Does your current finances limit you in life? Like not being able to go out with friends as often you would like?
  • Try to be your own boss?
  • Try to travel more?

In fact, every reason is good enough to start a blog on the side.

Can you make enough money out of a blog?

Of course you can, there are tons of examples across the internet, it depends on what is okay for you to make on the side? Stories like the one mentioned above, over 6 figures per month, are a lot of work to start up. To me right now, any money is good on the side and that should be the right focus! Once you make money, you can try to continue what’s good and scale from there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is starting a blog very expensive?

No, you can start anywhere from 3 dollars in a month for hosting. I’d say 50 to 500 dollars in a year at maximum is no money for starting a business. You don’t need to rent a place to work in and so on, just a laptop, internet and your creativity are needed.

I’m not an IT’er, so I can’t start a blog?

No, by all means no! Blogging doesn’t involve coding the website yourself, you can use wordpress and other programs for a convenient way of blogging so you can focus on the important thing: writing and growing the blog!

Do I have to write the best English out there?

No, just make it sound natural and come from you. Don’t overcomplicate things by using difficult words while you can use simple words to describe it. Remember, we’re not in politics here ;)!